Clint Eastwood enters reality television

It’s astonishing how many times I’ve had to say “no, seriously” recently. Regardless: Clint Eastwood is getting a reality TV show. No, seriously.

It’s hard to believe, but it is what it is – Clint has decided, in his infinite and chilling wisdom, that he, his wife, his 15 and 18-year-old daughters and whoever else finds themselves in close proximity to the aforementioned group on a regular basis will be in the show. I’m not really sure what to make of this – or, to be more honest, what to make of the fact that he’s 81 with teenage children. That’s weird enough.

Odd, because you’d think people would’ve mentioned this before, but seemingly not – despite having a personal life ripe for Hollywood gossip, it’s a rare thing to hear (if you ever do) any about the Hollywood legend. With a penchant for stellar acting (Gran Torino, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Dirty Harry, and so on), ponchos, and whispered one-liners that sound as threatening as a knife to the throat, seeing him sat in his dressing gown watching spaghetti westerns on a Sunday afternoon might be weird.

Fans of his work have stepped forward and stated that this is not a wise move. At 81, he’s coming to the end of his career (or not, if he’s following Christopher Lee’s amazing example – 89 and still working), and to go out with a reality TV show hounding his reputation might not be wise. Then again, we might find out more about what he’s like off the set – I’m curious, as seeing him laugh would allow us all to finally breathe out again. Scary, scary man. More on this as it appears.

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