Coen Brothers going musical for next film

The Coen Brothers aren’t particularly known for their musical numbers in film. But now they’re bringing a biopic of folk icon Dave Van Ronk to the big screen.

Despite the inclusion of the Soggy Bottom Boys in O Brother, Where Art Thou? it’s something of a surprise, and Dave Van Ronk is an interesting subject.

Based in a 1960s Greenwich Village, New York, it presumably follows Van Ronk as he debuts with the music that generated the nickname “Mayor of McDougal Street”. The Greenwich Village street was famous for its artists and creative types, and Van Ronk’s home in particular became a haven for local musicians , including Bob Dylan and Janis Ian.

It’s not clear who will be playing Van Ronk, but given his physical stature (think big), we reckon it’ll be Tom Cruise. What, you didn’t know? Tom Cruise is playing all the big-person roles now. John Goodman is looking at unemployment benefit.

Musical biopics tend to do pretty well, especially when they’re featuring genres we’ve fallen out of touch with, somewhat. Ray, Walk the Line and Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll are all great examples of this. Here at TFR, we certainly look forward to hearing more about the project, so we’ll update you as we find out more.

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