First half of Resident Evil 5 trailer baffles fans

Is anyone else confused by the teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution, doubling as an advertisement for Sony products? I certainly am!

Resident Evil Retribution trailer: bit of a let downThe fifth instalment of the Resident Evil film franchise is hotly anticipated for Autumn this year, and the teaser trailer has been let loose for our enjoyment.

When you watch though, you’ll be forgiven if you mistake it for a phone advert. I tried to find the ‘skip’ button when people started holding their phone up to the camera saying “This is my world”. It’s extremely out of place.

Thankfully it changes, and we cut to the post apocalyptic, virus-infested world we’ve come to expect from the franchise. Milla Jovovich (Fifth Element) stands on top of the White House and says, “My name is Alice, and this is my world.”

So I get that they were trying to show a contrast in the world now, and the world of the future, but hear me out. This is an 80 second trailer, 30 of which were wasted on advertising Sony products that had nothing to do with killer viruses and saving humanity. It was very clever but completely unnecessary.

In all fairness, what we did get to see was awesome. Umbrella’s T-Virus continues to plague the planet, and Alice is still humanity’s last chance of survival. She sets out across the world to track down those who started the virus that turned humanity into flesh-eating, zombie-like monsters, which is not an easy task if the brief glimpses we catch in the trailer are anything to go by. There is even a snippet of Alice before all hell broke loose.

I suppose we’ll take what we can get at this point, but for future reference, a trailer for a film, is supposed to advertise the FILM. Everyone agreed?

You can buy the Resident Evil 1-4 DVD box set on Amazon.  View the Resident Evil: Retribution trailer below. To see actual footage, skip to 0.30.

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