Cumberbatch’s Star Trek villain revealed

According to The New York Times, Benedict Cumberbatch auditioned for his role in the Star Trek sequel by filming himself on his mobile phone.

Benedict Cumberbatch villain revealed

The Sherlock star was in his friends kitchen when he filmed the audition, and was apparently so agitated and tired it aided his performance.

“I was pretty strung out, so that went into the performance,” Benedict told The New York Times.

The British actor is playing the villain in the movie, whose identity has finally been revealed. When Benecio Del Toro was attached to play the villain, it was assumed to be the role of exiled war-monger, Khan. However Cumberbatch’s casting threw that thought for a loop.

TrekMovie claim to have confirmation we were right all along though. Cumberbatch will indeed by playing Khan, the role that was originated by Ricardo Montalban.

J.J. Abrams has called Cumberbatch’s audition, “One of the most compelling audition readings I’d ever seen,” so we’ll withhold judgement on the casting until we have seen it for ourselves.

Khan first appeared in the Star Trek episode Space Seed, but TrekMovie insist the plot will not be a rehash of this episode. Cumberbatch is due to be working alongside the cast of the 2009 blockbuster hit, including Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zoe Saldana as Uhura.

We still don’t have official confirmation from Abrams or Cumberbatch, who are both keeping tight lipped on the subject. Although Cumberbatch did joke that fans should “Pull the hair on my head the wrong way” if they want details out of him. “I would be on my knees begging for mercy. I have very sensitive follicles.”

So what do you think? Is Khan a good character for him or are you disappointed?

Star Trek 2 will be released in the UK, 17 May 2013.

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