Another Dark Knight Rises character appears

As The Dark Knight Rises slowly progresses towards its release date, more details are being revealed to make it one of the most anticipated films of 2012. And now, another character has appeared, one that’s rather spoileriffic.

If you’ve not seen Batman Begins (what is wrong with you? Go and watch it now), then don’t read the rest of this article, because the character who’s just appeared in Rises as a much younger version of themselves is going to somewhat spoil the ending.

So, all the people worried about Begins spoilers are gone. Don’t want any potential Dark Knight Rises spoilers, either? You head off too.

Gone? Brilliant. It’s Ra’s Al Ghul. Yeah, the man who trained Bruce Wayne in the art of combat, who is very much dead, in Christopher Nolan’s version of the Batman universe at least. But a younger version means either flashbacks, a successor, or even a clone – anything’s possible, but a clone would be a little too out-of-bounds for Nolan’s realism-focused take on Gotham’s hero and its many villains.

There’s not much else to say, bar that Liam Neeson’s been spotted potentially acting in Rises, and that Josh Pence, the face of the Winklevoss Twins in The Social Network has been cast as the young Ras. Interesting stuff, and I look forward to figuring out how Ras Al Ghul, Bane and Catwoman are somehow going to fit into one film. Sadly, they’ll never come close to Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, but it could be a climactic finish to Nolan’s ties to the Batman franchise nonetheless.

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