Dark Shadows Trailer Released!

The first trailer for Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Chloë Moretz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Lee and Helena Bonham Carter, has finally been released…

Dark Shadows Johnny Depp Eva Green Chloë Moretz Michelle Pfeiffer Tim Burton remake

Whilst the final Twilight film might be due for release later this year, it seems that the ongoing craze for all things vampire might not be about to wind down just yet. Taking an altogether less serious approach to the Gothic underworld is Dark Shadows, an upcoming comedy-drama directed by Tim Burton, naturally.

Dark Shadows is actually based on a cult US soap opera which ran from 1966 to 1971, and allegedly counted Quentin Tarantino and Madonna among it’s most famous fans. The film seems keen to recapture the melodramatic performances for which the original series was renowned, as it follows the story of an 18th century British playboy, Barnabas Collins, who finds himself living as a vampire 1970’s America. Having broken the heart of a witch named Angelique Bouchard during his former life, she transforms him into a vampire and buries him alive – only for him to be re-awoken some 200 years later to find the dilapidated family manor filled with his quirky descendants.

Rumour has it that Johnny Depp was obsessed with the character of Barnabas Collins as a child and wanted to be him. Now it seems that his dreams may have come true, as he is taking on the role of the fanged-one, with former Bond girl Eva Green playing jealous witch Angelique.

The pair will be joined by something of a star-studded cast, with Michelle Pfeiffer, Jonny Lee Miller, Chloë Moretz, and Gulliver McGrath all playing members of the modern-day Collins family. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Tim Burton film without an appearance from Helena Bonham Carter – she’ll be playing the family’s live-in psychiatrist (it’s fair to say they’re a slightly odd bunch). The original Barnabas Collins, Jonathan Frid, will also be making a cameo appearance along with three other former cast members, and even Alice Cooper is making a guest appearance as himself.

There have already been two film adaptations of the Dark Shadows TV show (House of Dark Shadows, 1970, and Night of Dark Shadows, 1971), but it will be interesting to see how this interpretation takes a retrospective look at even the ‘modern day’ side of the story – The Carpenters and lava lamps aplenty, it would seem. The film might not exactly be covering any new ground for Depp and Burton, but if you’re after some slightly less sombre vampy action, then it may well do the trick…

Dark Shadows is due for release in the UK on 11th May 2012 – let us know what you think of the trailer below!

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