David Yates to direct Emma Forrest’s memoir

Harry Potter director David Yates’ next project looks set to be Emma Forrest’s memoir, Your Voice In My Head.

Yates might be best known for directing the last four Harry Potter films, but since the franchise has come to an end, he’s quickly become attached to a number of other film projects. For some time he was rumoured to be directing a trilogy based on Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic horror novel, The Stand, as well as a biopic Al Capone, starring Tom Hardy. He was also reported to have turned down directing an adaptation of Vertigo Comics’ graphic novel series, Fables, whilst also being linked to the much anticipated possibility of a feature-length Doctor Who film.

However, now it appears that his next project could be directing the memoirs of journalist and screenwriter, Emma Forrest, titled Your Voice in My Head. The book follows Forrest’s struggles as a young British writer living in New York, suffering from episodes of mania and broken-hearted after the breakdown of a high-profile relationship – she famously dated actor Colin Farrell back in 2008.

The film will be a Ruby Films production, and funded by the BFI and Warner Bros. Forrest has penned the screenplay adaptation herself, while Alison Owen, who has previously worked on films such as Elizabeth, The Other Boleyn Girl and Brick Lane (as well as being Lily Allen’s mum!), is also on board to produce.

While the film is currently some way from being given an official release date, the paperback version of Your Voice In My Head is being published on 19th January 2012. We’ll keep you posted!

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