Diablo Cody pens Sweet Valley High film AND Evil Dead remake!

Diablo Cody has recently spoken about her hugely varied future projects: the Sweet Valley High feature film, and the remake of horror classic, The Evil Dead.

Cody, who is perhaps best known for writing quirky comedy-drama film, Juno, announced that she would be putting together the script for a film adaptation of Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High novels some time ago. Since then, however, it appears she has been busy working on films such as Jennifer’s Body and Burlesque.

Despite all this activity, Cody has recently revealed that her Sweet Valley High plans are still very much in the works. Viewers can expect to see a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s with the twins as teenagers, rather than a film based on the 2011 reboot of the book series, which visited the characters as they neared their thirties.

For those that don’t know, the Sweet Valley High series was a collection of novels aimed at young-adults, which followed the adventures of Californian teenage twins, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. Whilst Elizabeth is popular but sensible and bookish, Jessica is more interested in boys and fashion, and is an key member of cheer leading squad as well as The Unicorn Club…

If that doesn’t sound much like your cup of tea (and if you’re not able to conjure up a sense of sentimentality towards the books, then there’s probably a good chance that it won’t…), then you might be more interested in Cody’s other upcoming project, Evil Dead.

While fans of the original Evil Dead series have been sceptical towards Cody’s involvement with the project, she’s been keen to reassure audiences that she won’t be adding any “wacky dialogue and cute stuff and folk music” to the upcoming film. In a recent interview with Collider, Cody confirmed that she had been involved with scripting, but stated that original writer and director, Sam Raimi, had ensured the remake would provide sufficient scares. Original Evil Dead actor, Bruce Campbell, is also involved in producing, which may provide the remake with further credibility amongst fans. Evil Dead is currently scheduled for release at some point during 2013.

Meanwhile, Cody is reuniting with Juno director Jason Reitman for her latest project, Young Adult – a comedy-drama starring Charlize Theron as an author of teenage-fiction. Young Adult is due to hit UK screens on 10th February 2012.

We’ll keep you posted!

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