Die Hard 5: McClane junior has been cast

Die Hard‘s John McClane and his terrorist fighting days are not yet over. Bruce Willis has brand new back-up in the shape of Jai Courtney.

Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney during screen test

You would be justified in thinking the Die Hard franchise has been done to death by now. Over two decades since the original Die Hard was released in 1988, Bruce Willis is still reprising his role as hard man John McClane over and over.

This time around, Die Hard 5 will be taking some of the strain off of Mr Willis. They have cast Jai Courtney to play his son Jack.

Don’t you John McClane fans worry though. He has signed on to return. Possibly in a lesser capacity though. After all Bruce will be in his 60s by the time they start making Die Hard 6!

You might know Jai Courtney from his role in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. He beat The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth for the role of Jack, who has been described by the official press as “an apple that has not fallen far from the tree.”

Basically he is tough, means business and is all set to take over the franchise when Bruce can no longer walk. He may even be tougher than his dad was back in the 80s.

So how’s the story going to go? Apparently John and Jack relocate to Russia, where the double act will attempt to stop a terrorist plot in Moscow. Some things never change.

The film is to be directed by John Moore, the man who brought the computer game Max Payne onto the big screen. So at least he’ll know what he’s doing. The screenplay is being handled by Skip Woods.

A Good Day to Die Hard will be released on Valentines Day in 2013. How romantic.

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