Dirty Dancing: Baby’s back in the corner

We know everyone is so eager to see yet another classic turned into a mediocre modern remake, but you’ll have to wait to see the new Dirty Dancing. The Lionsgate project that was recently given the green light, has put Baby back in the corner for the time being.

Baby's back in the corner as remake postponed

Hollywood has little to no faith in any of their original ideas right now, hence the millions of sequels. So it’s slightly puzzling why this one has been pushed back.

For anyone who lived in a cave back in the 80s, or has been too distracted by shiny sequels to know any better, Dirty Dancing is a classic romance that starred the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. It centred around Frances (Baby) Houseman and a dishy dance instructor Johnny Castle, who teaches Baby how to dance, dirty style. Meanwhile they fall in love, perform a classic dance number and make the girls in the audience weep, while the men resign themselves to enforced dance lessons.

High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, who funnily enough choreographed the original Dirty Dancing, signed on to help out with the project. However despite a release date (July 2013) being pencilled into film diaries, it now looks like it won’t be released until 2014. At the earliest.

Lots of well-known names have auditioned for the roles of Baby and Johnny including Glee‘s Lea Michele, so unless they go the unknown route, the film would garner some attention. If it ever gets off the ground. Which we kind of hope it doesn’t.

Why can’t they just convert the original into 3D and be done with it? Then everyone can get the “Boo! Not another 3D re-release” speeches out of the way, while they secretly go to see it.

We’ll keep you posted on when Baby’s allowed to leave the corner again.

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