Dot: the world’s smallest film

Imagine a film where the entire world you see on camera is 9 millimetres high. Imagine then, that it’s also stop-motion, and a short film made using a microscope all about a girl running away from the end of the world.

dot filmThat film is Dot, an really short short film that’s only about a minute long, but still manages to include a major end-of-the-world disaster/villain, a heroine (Dot), a frantic chase across a microscopic landscape, and some impressive stop-frame animation (better than the Cravendale adverts). That’s saying something for a girl that’s about 3/4mm high.

The film was made by Aardman, the company founded by Nick Park, creator of Wallace and Gromit. They used a Nokia N8 smartphone (to promote the phone itself) and CellScope, a microscope attachment for the phone’s camera. Dot herself was made using a 3D printer and is comprised of 50 different poses.

The film even features what looks like a stop-animated bee that may actually be a real bee! It’s a breathtaking use of technology normally used to take photographs of blood cells for medical science, and proves that you can tell an amazing story without needing 50m-high sets and CGI.

The film’s below if you’re curious, which by now, you should be! Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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