Dr. Strange acquires writers

What do you get if you cross Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy, Hellboy and Marvel’s talent for creating mystical, intriguing male characters with dark, moody attitudes and skeleton-in-the-closet pasts? Dr. Strange. And now, thanks to a couple of talented writers, namely Conan‘s Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, he’s coming to the cinema.

Initially, Marvel were aiming to bring a few of their less renown characters to the screen in a short-film format, but it seems the good doctor is just too intriguing, and – let’s be honest – has the most heroic day-job of any superhero in the Marvel universe – a world-leading surgeon. So, unlike Peter Parker’s journalism, and Xavier’s mutant headmastery, Strange (real name Stephen Strange, conveniently) finds himself without the use of his hands after a freak accident, until some interesting magic and training allow him to take up the dual position of medical mastery and magical mystery (I sound like a tag-line, I know).

It’s a fantastic concept for a character, and with the West’s big pre-occupation with hospital drama and the overcoming of injury (anything from Grey’s to Affleck’s Daredevil springs to mind), it looks set to hit a lot of targets quite far outside of the normal comic-book film demographic (comic book geeks, who inevitably slaughter the film’s many inaccuracies, and fans of action blockbusters). Of course, casting is miles away, but can you think of anyone who might fit the bill? If so, do write to us in the comments section, we’d love to hear it.

In the mean time, it’s just a case of waiting to see if there are any hints as to whether they’re doing just the origin story (a la Batman Begins) or really getting stuck into the universe (most other comic book adaptations). With this short story turning into a feature film, the window is now open for passionate directors to shoot for their favourite Marvel mini-heroes. Who would you like to see? Personally, most of mine have already made an appearance, but I wouldn’t mind another Hulk film – there’s been so many origin films, and just not enough exploration of the long-jumping, angry bloke in purple shorts who’s always looking a little chromatically jealous.

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