Take a look at Duffy’s film début

Welsh popstar Duffy will be walking the red carpet tonight in honour of her very first feature film.

The Brit award winning singer stars in Patagonia, a film directed by Marc Evans and starring Matthew Rhys.

Patagonia premièred at the Seattle International Film Festival in June of last year and had it’s Welsh première last week.

The film tells the story of a married couple, Gwen and Rhys, living in Cardiff, who are struggling with fertility issues. They find themselves in Patagonia on Rhys’ photography placement. At the same time in Argentina, a grandmother is planning a trip to Wales to find out about her family’s farm there before they emigrated to Patagonia. Her nephew Alejandro joins her on the trip where he falls for local girl Sissy.

That’s where Duffy comes in. She’s by no means the main part but the ‘Mercy’ singer does have a fairly substantial role in playing Sissy. Speaking about her role, she said:

“I feel as though Sissy’s character was very close to who I used to be,” she said.

“I’m not saying I’ve changed dramatically, but there are elements of her that I think I’ve left behind so that’s also what made me feel compelled to do the film.

“This little girl lost in time looking slightly out of place, I remember being that person.

“She resembled something that I had experienced growing up in Nefyn.”

Matthew Rhys plays a tour guide in the film who begins a flirtation with Gwen during her trip to Patagonia, which, slightly bizarrely, is an area where Welsh immigrants settled in the 19th Century, yeah we didn’t know that either (I did! – Ed.).

The film, which was shot in both Patagonia and Wales and uses both Spanish and Welsh languages has been described as a “low budget road movie” by director Evans. He revealed:

“I feel a great affection towards this film. It is a very beautiful, visually stunning film, with beautiful countryside in Wales and Patagonia.”

Patagonia will be released in cinemas this Friday.

Take a look at the trailer below

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