Dynasty prequel makes it to the big screen

Classic 80s TV soap Dynasty is coming to the big screen, but instead of carrying on where it left off, it will be a prequel.

Original creator of the show Richard Shapiro revealed: “It’s not the wild and crazy 1960s, but the early Kennedy years,”

The plot will be Blake discovering that he’s the heir to the Carrington empire and will feature his relationship with Alexis.

If you remember, the original Dynasty revolved around the Carringtons, a wealthy oil family from Denver. The head of the family was magnate Blake, played by John Forsythe, who was married to his former secretary and second wife Krystie (Linda Evans).

The show became a hit once Joan Collins‘s character Alexis joined in the second season. She played Blake’s first wife, who spent the majority of her time scheming and causing trouble.

Dynasty ran for nine seasons, from 1981- 1989. It starred Heather Locklear, John James and Pamela Bellwood, amongst others.

There’s no word on casting or which studio it is to be filmed with, but it is definitely happening.

Creator Shapiro said: “We’ve given thought to the movie before and we’ve been approached by a lot of companies, but no one seemed to have a proper fix on it. Then suddenly we said, ‘Let’s do it [ourselves]!’—and we’re the ones to do it,”

“It was my daughter Florie’s notion to do a prequel, and that sounded very very good to us. It’s how young Blake doesn’t realize he’s the son of Tom Carrington, but then he finds himself at the head of this company and surrounded by assassins and people who want to do him in.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited by this. Fingers crossed Joan Collins will star in it in some capacity.

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