Ed Harris and Matthew Fox potentially for World War Z

World War Z, the pseudo-oral history novel about a zombie apocalypse, is coming to cinemas, and Lost‘s Matthew Fox and Apollo 13‘s Ed Harris might be getting involved.

Told primarily by Brooks, a United Nations agent, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a story of a ten-years-gone mass conflict between the living and the undead. It’s written in the style of a traditional history book, and this original slant combined with good writing made it a huge success, whether Dawn of the Dead was your thing or not.

Brad Pitt has the role of the agent and will be shooting his scenes for the film in August, in Glasgow. Harris and Fox are due to play unannounced roles, alongside Julia Levy-Boeken. Empire suggests Harris as the “meaty military man,” which may mean the character Todd Wanio, but there’s such a huge cast of characters that “meaty military mean” could just be a by-word for “there’s probably an angry soldier in here somewhere” (kidding, Empire, we’re still friends, right? Right?).

I think Fox would be a great fit for T. Sean Collins, a tough mercenary hired to protect a fortress full of celebrities from the zombie hordes, given his rough-and-ready performance in the recent West End play In the Forest Dark and Deep.

This looks like it could be a really interesting film, and we’ll definitely be keeping tabs on it here at TFR. Until then, people.

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