UPDATE: Eddie Murphy confirmed as Oscars host

Eddie Murphy has been confirmed the next host at the Academy Awards. This is a situation with two potential outcomes: “that was amazing”, and “oh my god make him stop”.

Update: Eddie Murphy has been confirmed as the host of the next Oscars, so we’ll be seeing him soon, and look forward to hearing the various witticisms that emerge over the course of the evening.

The rumblings are pointing towards one of the most prestigious hosting jobs of the year going to one of the funniest men in recent history, and also one of the most controversial. No, not Ricky Gervais. Eddie Murphy.

Star of everything from Doctor Doolittle to Dreamgirls, Murphy is a talented comedian whose strengths lie in quick one-liners and a mastery of comic body language that should keep the audience more than entertained throughout the night, whether they’re physically present or not.

But the other work he’s done comes in the form of stand-up like Raw, something which, even for its time, was hardly the least controversial stand-up routine on the circuit. Whether he can keep it funny while reining it in enough not to offend the various A-listers (or any minorities) is yet to be seen, but Ricky Gervais did a good job and proved that sometimes, celebrities can be wound up without any consequences.

Just how far can hosts go is an age-old debate, and one that will stay fresh with Murphy’s hosting position, if it is indeed confirmed. It’s arguable that the tabloid press give undue attention to the private lives of celebrities, but when it comes to awards ceremonies, it can draw gasps and disapproval from the audience, famous or not. Let’s see if this turns out to be his role, first.

If it is, we’re in for one hell of a ride.

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