Elijah Wood gets musical in Grand Piano

Elijah Wood was last seen lending his voice to Mumble, the cute dancing penguin in Happy Feet 2. Now he’s all set to play the lead role in Grand Piano.

Elijah Wood is scared of the piano
In this independent thriller, Elijah Wood will play a concert pianist who is paralysed with stage fright in later life. When his character plucks up the courage to make his comeback after five years away, he finds a threatening note written on his music sheets. Basically, if he doesn’t give his best performance to date, he and his wife will lose their lives. Dun dun dun!

Okay, it sounds a little bit implausible when you write it down, but what thriller isn’t?

The film is to be helmed by Spanish director Eugenio Mira, who was behind the 2004 comedic horror The Birthday. Meanwhile Damien Chazelle will supply the screenplay, which if we are to believe reports, will harken back to the 1994 action-thriller Speed.

Perhaps without the bus though. Or Sandra Bullock.

The film is set to shoot in Chicago and Spain this year, after Elijah has finished with his cameo in the two The Hobbit movies. The first is released at the end of the year, followed by part two next year.

In the mean time you can next see him starring in Maniac, which will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival at the end of this month.

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