Ellie Goulding stars in ‘Tom and Issy’

Who knew that Ellie Goulding, the lady behind hits like Burn and Starry Eyed, could act? Well, it turns out she can. Starring in a brand new short which premièred today on her Vevo channel, Miss Goulding has followed her recent sold-out UK tour with a new challenge.

Ellie Goulding in Tom & Issy

Written by Stefan Georgiou and Sam Bern, ‘Tom and Issy’ is a sweet short, which plays on Ellie’s talents. She stars as Issy, a young girl with a neglectful boyfriend. Tom (Dylan Edwards) is her flatmate who happens to be rather smitten with his all-singing-all-guitar-playing roomie, and wants nothing more than for her to stop sitting on the couch strumming away to How Long Will I love You, and get out there and perform it in public. So, he sets up a chance for Issy to play at an Open Mike Night as a surprise. Cue cute moments driving around London, games played along the way and longing looks.

Think of films like Coyote Ugly, Save The Last Dance or even the recent One Chance, condense them down to 11 and a half minutes, and you’ve got Tom and Issy. Oh, and did I mention the film was shot on a Nokia Lumia 1020? It’s amazing what you can achieve on a smartphone these days.

Directed by Roger Michell, fans of Ellie Goulding should definitely head on over to her Vevo page, or watch this sweet and surprisingly good short film here:

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