Emma Roberts will not go topless in a film!

Everybody seems to be talking about Emma Roberts at the moment, ahead of the release of her latest film today.
The film is the latest offering from Noel Clarke,of Adulthood fame.
The film is about four girls, Roberts, Egerton, Warren-Markland, Lovibond, who all lead very separate lives until a chance encounter with some diamond thieves. The film’s tag line is ” 4 Girls, 3 Days. 2 Cities, 1 Chance.”
Emma Roberts plays Joanne, a lonely American in the UK. Clarke has been nothing but positive about Roberts saying:
“Emma was great. Emma was the second or third person to sign up and get on board, she wanted to do the movie from the beginning. I appreciated that.She gave 100 percent and for her to come over and do a small British film like this is hopefully testament to what we did with the film.”
Roberts has been speaking out about her plans for the future and been trying to prove she is more than Julia Robert’s niece.
She said: “Sometimes it’s frustrating because people think I’m only working or doing stuff because of my family when that’s not true at all.”
It probably is frustrating for you yes but also very convenient.
She does seem to keeping in with her aunt’s good girl image. She recently said: “I would show my back and my butt on camera, but I would never go topless. Going topless is so tasteless, and I prefer to leave all that stuff to people’s imagination. But you never know what might happen. This is what I’m saying now, but in five years’ time it could be totally different.”
Hmmm, we bet in five years time it will be totally different, especially if money is involved.
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