Emma Stone for Cameron Crowe’s Deep Tiki?

Emma Stone has signed on for a film written and directed by Cameron Crowe – but could it be the return of the previously unfinished Deep Tiki?

Emma Stone Cameron Crowe Deep Tiki

Let’s face it, Emma Stone’s on a roll, and with her recent turn as Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man cementing her place as Hollywood’s golden girl, perhaps it is only fitting that the actress now looks set to star in an upcoming film, written and directed by none other than Cameron Crowe.

The Almost Famous director is known for having catapulted the likes of Kate Hudson and Penélope Cruz to super-stardom, and so whilst the collaboration with Stone is exciting, it might not be considered particularly surprising. However, what has grabbed the attention of Crowe-fans is the possibility that it could also see unfinished project, Deep Tiki, finally making it on to the big screen.

The as-yet untitled film is reported to be a love story, but that could be the only similarity which it has with the Deep Tiki script. However, Sony were recently rumoured to have shown an interest in Crowe’s ‘long lost’ film – a studio with which Stone has worked with on a number of her productions, including Superbad, Easy A, and Friends With Benefits.

Crowe had planned to make Deep Tiki after the critically-panned Elizabethtown, but filming was postponed. At the time, the film was reported to be the story of a military man who is assigned the job of helping to launch an illegal satellite, but needs to persuade local Hawaiian spiritual elders and their gods in order to be able to do so. Filming was scheduled to begin in 2009, followed by a release from Columbia Pictures, but neither ever took place.

The lead roles were also originally intended for Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon, so if Deep Tiki is set to become a vehicle for Stone instead then it is possible that the script has been given a slight rewrite, in order to make it suitable for a younger cast. There’s no word yet as to who is set to play the enviable role of Stone’s leading man, whether the project proves to be Deep Tiki-inspired or not.

While it is all largely speculation at the moment, it certainly seems that that Deep Tiki is a project which many would be keen to see come to fruition. We’ll keep you posted!

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