Emma Stone is Spider-Man's Gwen Stacy

After much speculation, it has been confirmed that Emma Stone will play Spider-Man’s latest love-interest in the comic book hero’s upcoming cinematic reboot.

Andrew Garfield – who also appears in soon-to-be-released film, The Social Network – has been confirmed to play the role of Spider-Man for some time. It was also thought that flame-haired Stone might be cast in the role of Spider-Man’s more familiar love-interest, Mary Jane Watson.

However, it turns out that it is Gwen Stacy who will, in fact, be played by Stone. In the Marvel Comics series, Stacy is Peter Parker’s first love, and a close friend of Mary Jane.

The reboot was announced back in January, when Sony Pictures Entertainment stated that Spider-Man 4 had been cancelled, and that the production company had ceased working with previous Spider-Man director, Sam Raimi. Instead, Sony wanted to take the franchise in a different direction, with a new cast and director, as well as a modern, gritty script. James Vanderbilt has since penned this script, and (500) Days of Summer‘s Marc Webb will be directing.

Stone has received considerable praise from critics after her performance in Easy A, and reportedly beat off stiff competition from Glee‘s Dianna Agron and Alice in Wonderland‘s Mia Wasikowska in order to acquire this role.

She might not be stepping directly into Kirsten Dunst’s shoes, but our spidey-senses are telling us she might do a pretty good job as Gwen Stacy in this reboot, which focuses on a much younger version of our favourite comic book hero. The film is currently without an official title, but is set to hit cinemas in 2012.

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