Eon celebrates fifty years of Bond with screenings at Cannes

Eon are showing a whole host of Bond films at Cannes to celebrate Bond’s fifty-year anniversary.

007 50 years logo, made by thefilmreview.com, 2012.Sadly, this doesn’t quite include the latest Bond film, Skyfall, due out in October, but it sure is a treat for those who really love their 007. The Guardian initially reported that five of the best-known Bond films (the selection should generate some passionate debate amongst fans, given “best-known” doesn’t always equate to “best”) are being shown, courtesy of Eon, at a special venue.

That venue is Cinema de la Plage, essentially an outdoor cinema on the beach! Why the beach, you ask? Because a beach was an iconic location in the very first Bond film, Dr. No, one of the films being shown. It should be quite a treat for those at Cannes to relax out there on the sand, soaking up some Bond movie magic, and we’d like to think that many will attend, given that it’s a free public screening for every single one of the five films.

Thanks to NME, the full list of films is now available:

What a list, eh? Not sure if I quite agree with the last one, given that I’d argue there are more renowned Bond films than the near-reboot collection of recent years (and Craig over Brosnan? Are you mad?), but I suppose you’ve got to tie in the whole event to Skyfall somehow. You lucky Cannes people! I shake my fist at you! Or I would, but R said I shouldn’t because the ring I’m wearing is a prototype and- oh, I’ve set the office on fire. Count me shaken, not stirred.

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