Errol Morris delivers upcoming BAFTA Lecture

Oscar-winning American documentary filmmaker, Errol Morris, is going to deliver BAFTA’s annual David Lean Lecture 2011.

Widely considered to be one of the world’s great documentary filmmakers, Morris has a dozen major film and television credits to his name, as well as numerous awards and honours including the 2004 Oscar for The Fog of War.

Morris was the man behind the highly acclaimed 1998 documentary film, The Thin Blue Line, which follows the story of Randall Dale Adams, who was convicted and sentenced to die for a murder he did not commit. His 1991 film, A Brief History of Time, documented the extraordinary life of legendary physicist Stephen Hawking. Morris’ upcoming documentary, Tabloid, is a film about former Miss Wyoming, Joyce McKinney, and the sex scandal involving her and Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson, which was highly publicised within the British press during 1977.

Throughout his career, Morris has also worked as a private eye, film programmer and commercial director – all of which have helped him develop his own unique style of documentary filmmaking. His lecture, as part of the David Lean Lecture series at BAFTA, promises to be especially insightful and enjoyable.

The David Lean Lecture is usually delivered by fiction directors, but BAFTA’s Film Committee Chairman, Nik Powell has stated that “it felt right that in the year we are reinstating the Documentary category at the Film Awards that we should have one of the world’s master documentary directors give the lecture”.

This will be the eleventh year that this lecture has been held. Not only does the event take a look at the filmmaking experiences of  internationally-renowned directors, but it also carries the legacy of iconic director David Lean, the name behind films such as Brief Encounter, The Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia, as well as being one of the founders of the British Film Academy (as it was then known) in 1947.

This year’s David Lean lecture takes place on Sunday 6th November, with a champagne reception at 6.30pm before the lecture itself, followed by a canapé reception after the event. Tickets can be purchased online, here:

Morris’ latest film, Tabloid, will be released on 11th November 2011 in the UK.

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