Fashion faux pas from this years Cannes

So Cannes has finally finished and amongst all the amazing films there has been some even better fashion. Last week we looked at who got it right, so it’s only fair we take a look at who got it horrifically wrong.

Beth Ditto: She never really gets it right does she? However, this time she has really excelled in picking the worst outfit possible. It appears to be an orange sack with a few feathers stuck to the collar. If anyone can up with something positive to say about the outfit, please let me know. To be fair to the woman her hair and make up is very professional looking and makes her look rather glossy.

Kirsten Dunst: Love the hair but what is this dress, or more specifically what is that weird thing the dress is doing around her chest area?

Phoebe Price

Phoebe Price: I’m not even sure who she is, apparently an actress who claims to be 32, both rather unlikely if you ask me. Anyway , she wore so many horrific outfits at Cannes, it was pretty hard to pick the worst, but this one is a strong contender. The biggest problem is that she seems to think she’s at Ladies Day at Ascot rather than a prestigious film awards.

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton: She is trying so hard here but it just isn’t working. Her breasts look ridiculous, like she’s in Pride and Prejudice or something. She is wearing far too much make up and generally just looks awkward.

Suzanne Engo

Suzanne Engo: I like that she is not following the same trend as everyone else but it is just not appropriate for Cannes! And the dress, it’s something Katie Price would wear and not in a good way, it’s too bright, too tight and there’s far too many sequins.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan: She looks miserable and far older than she really should. The main issue here for me is that she appears to have just cut the bottom of the dress in a haphazard way and it’s just a little too Essex girl on a night out.

Velvet D'amour

Velvet D’amour: The lady in orange, oh the lady in orange. There are a number of aspects to this outfit that are so so wrong and on their own would be bad enough but together are quite simply an eye sore. No one should ever wear velvet in the south of France, no one over ten should crimp her hair and no one should wear things that look like sponges on their shoulders, full stop.

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