First feature-length film to be shot on a Smartphone

At the start of this year, we brought you the news that Park Chan-Wook had directed the first ever cinema-quality short film using only lenses and iPhones. Well, it seems that this technique has caught on, as we now bring you news of another film, now feature-length, that has been shot in a similar way.

Director Hooman Khalili has shot Olive, entirely using the camera of a Smartphone. The story is about a young girl who does not speak, yet still manages to change the lives of three people. It was filmed using a Nokia N8 that was taped onto traditional film lenses, which sounds a bit make-shift but the quality of the above snippit looks surprisingly good.

Khalili has described how difficult the whole process was. The phone’s camera was not focussing on the correct objects, so he had to hack the software in order to turn off both the auto-zoom and auto-focus features. This is probably only to be expected when using a phone to do the job of a huge, expensive camera.

This is the first Smartphone-filmed feature, as director of Old Boy, Park Chan-Wook’s short was just 30 minutes long. Olive will be screened in LA, at the Laemmle Fallbrook 7 Cinema in West Hills on 17th December. This means that it will be eligible to be considered for an Oscar. Is this an indication of the way the future of making films is heading? This seems unlikely at least for the moment, with 3D technology still being developed and taken up by serious directors such as Martin Scorsese. However, it will be interesting to see how the first SmartFeatureFilm stands up against the giants of cinematography.

Check out the first five minutes of Olive:

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