How is Frozen connected to every Disney animation?

With over $1 billion earned at the worldwide box office, chances are you’ve seen and love Disney’s hit animation, Frozen. Did you know that the film has connections with the production company’s other animated feature films that might surprise you?

 Frozen header have created a really cool infographic that illustrates exactly how Frozen connects to the 74 films that have been created and stored away in the Disney vault over the last 77 years. Think of it like a six degree of separation, only expanded.

For example, Idina Menzel worked on the TV show Glee with Wreck-it Ralph voice artist, Jane Lynch, which also starred John C Reilly in the title role. He has worked with Christopher Plummer who voiced a character in Disney Pixar’s UP.

Some degree of separation are a lot longer though. Check out the infographic to find out how the likes of Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, Michael J Fox and Winona Ryder are connected to the most successful animation of all time.

Click on the image below to see the infographic:
Frozen's Disney Family

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