George Lucas to resurrect James Dean and Marilyn Monroe on-screen

Not satisfied with creating the most epic science fiction saga in cinematic history, nor being involved with or creating properties like Indiana Jones, THX 1138 and The Land Before Time, he’s now using computers to reanimate dead screen legends.

It sounds creepy, but picture this: you live in 2010. James Dean and Marilyn Monroe have been dead for some time, but you’re about to see them in a new film. Not one that’s never been released, or one that was never finished, but a film that hasn’t even entered production.

Through the use of complex CGI (it’s Lucas, c’mon), Dean and Monroe will be returning to the silver screen. We’ve got to be honest, here at TFR we’re not entirely sure how he swung getting the rights sorted out to bring people’s dead relatives back to life, but it’ll  certainly be a rather odd feeling to see them again, I’d imagine.

It also seems to speak volumes about Lucas’ opinions of the quality of today’s actors – surely, we’ve had remakes because Hollywood doesn’t find any of the millions of original scripts out there interesting enough, but remakes of actors? How bad can the contemporary stars of stage and screen really be?

It’s unclear what the plot will be, or what context we’ll see them in, but a revival of the idolatry at the shrine of Monroe seems likely and the marketing should be darn interesting to follow, too. More on this as it happens.

Oh, and while you’re at it, George – John Candy, please? Cool Runnings: 3D would be great.

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