George Lucas to retire

If he can resist coming back to edit everything ever, George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, will be retiring from film-making.

Now, I make a lot of jokes about George Lucas, as he’s a figure ripe for satire and ridicule, given his penchant for upsetting fans and (as part of that upset) constantly revising Star Wars until all traces of the original trilogy have been destroyed. But I take my hat off to the man – he’s had an amazing career, and has produced some of the most memorable cinema the world has ever seen.

A child may not yet know their times table, but there’s a fair likelihood they could recognise a lightsaber. Lucas’ work has permeated all layers of our society like few others, and his running symbol in his work (the code THX 1138) is one of my favourite things to spot in film, television and videogames based on his work.

What he’ll do now is anybody’s guess. If I was him, I’d head up into the countryside on Skywalker Ranch, take a wooden lightsaber, and become an Obi-Wan for the next chosen director who wishes to make the jump from talented youth to cinema legend. All the best to you, George, you pedantic, weird fellow.

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