George Takei calms fanboys, attacks Twilight

If you were hoping George Takei, aka Sulu in the original Star Trek would come out with a masterful response to the Wars-Trek fan war, you might be disappointed.

I like George Takei. He’s a funny guy, and hearing that he had waded into the fight between Star Wars and Star Trek fans to try and calm everyone down was welcome news. However, he seems to have attempted to align them against a common “threat”: the Twilight series.

As someone who enjoys all three universes, I’m going to offer something of a rebuttal. George, you have clearly no knowledge of the Twilight franchise. It’s not science fiction. You also seem to be under the impression that Star Wars and Star Trek are as culturally relevant now as they were in the seventies. They’re not.

Takei proceeds to then jump on the Stephen King bandwagon and claim the main theme of Twilight is the question “does my boyfriend like me?” This is odd, given that the series deals with puberty, teenage pregnancy, avoiding violence, teamwork and friendship, and that the main morals of Star Wars are that incest is cool and nothing you do can ever possibly have any consequences, with Star Trek putting forward the bonus “kill or copulate” rule when dealing with alien races, but there you go.

I’ve embedded the video below, and I look forward to watching a video of R-Patz and Robo-Shatner teaming up against the next popular franchise in 2041.

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