Glee’s Lea Michele eyes up film roles

She’s not even halfway through the third season of hit musical TV show Glee, but already star Lea Michele is eyeing up film roles after getting a taste in her new film, New Year’s Eve.

Many actors don’t make the transition from television to film, after they’ve starred as a recurring character for a long time, but Lea Michelle has started the process with her latest release, New Year’s Eve which opens this month.  When asked at the World Premiere if she would like to make more movies, she had this to say:

“I’m just hoping to finish season three of Glee, bring it out, make it a great, strong season and spend time with my family, and hopefully do another film, that would be really great.”

Lea’s role isn’t a complete departure; she plays an aspiring singer who gets locked in a lift with Ashton Kutcher in the festive romantic comedy. The film directed by rom-com legend Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman) is set in New York and takes place in the hours leading up to midnight.

With one of the largest ensembles ever, including the likes of Zac Efron, Katherine Heigl, Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfieffer, the film combines several different walks of life as they celebrate the impending New Year.

The film follows in the wake of Marshall’s Valentine’s Day and is one of many films which have taken to telling several small sub-plots instead of one main story in recent years. With the New Year theme, the film is bound to draw comparisons with classic British festive rom-com, Love Actually.

Much like her role in Glee, Lea Michele sings alongside Jon Bon Jovi. So will she only pursue roles that show off her vocals in future?

“I didn’t really intend on doing a film where I sang. I sing so much on my show,” Michele said.  “But when I read the script, these songs were already in there. They didn’t add them for me.”

Lea’s next project will be the animated feature Dorothy of Oz in which she will voice Dorothy,

New Years Eve is released in the UK 8th December 2011 or you can catch season three of Glee, Thursdays on Sky One.

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