Google throwing $200m behind YouTube’s European channels

Google are making a significant investment in YouTube’s presence in Europe, investing $200m in marketing its YouTube channels while opening and funding new ones in the U.K. and France.

The YouTube logo.This is a big step for YouTube, and gives it an even bigger presence in Europe than it has already – interesting, given that most people would argue that despite being in Europe, there are no rival video-streaming sites able to match it.

The channels have, thus far, been appearing since the start of this year, and at this point almost ten of the near-100 are hitting above a million viewers a week. Not too shabby, but given this $200m injection into their marketing, it’s likely they’ll start doing noticeably better.

It’s a considerable investment for Google, but it’s already 75% financially backed as Google have secured $150m in advertising investments. For those of you in Europe who often head to YouTube over the cinema on a regular basis, this means more content, and a considerably raised profile of YouTube’s funded channels in Europe.

Tell you what though, the final thought on this is that they’ll need that marketing, because after a reasonable amount of searching, I can’t find a single one of these channels.

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