The Goon adaptation runs out of money

A computer-animated adaptation of the comic series The Goon has apparently run out of funding, says Paul Giamatti, the voice of Frankie.

Pic of Frankie and a zombie.The Goon‘s unique in that it features a mob goon (the rather large, eponymous gentleman) and his short friend Frankie (predictably the angrier of the two) hanging out in a bar and beating up the undead. No, really – beating up the undead.

A mix of the mafia and urban fantasy genres, the initial animation tests were impressive, and people have been following the film for some time. Of course, this may also be because the director was none other than David Fincher, responsible for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network.

It’s a shame, because it’s a CGI animation that’s definitely not for kids, and we could do with a change like this. It seems totally mental, and I’m 100% behind it hitting cinemas. Come on, guys, David Fincher and Paul Giamatti? All I had to do was say those two names and show the trailer to my editor to baffle him re: why it’s not fully funded. More on this in the future, I hope.

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