Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively to play Carrie Bradshaw?

Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively could be set to take on the role of a young Carrie Bradshaw in a Sex and the City prequel!

Our favourite member of the New York glitterati, Carrie Bradshaw, could soon be sipping cosmopolitans on the big screen once again! But don’t panic – it’s not time for Sex and the City 3 just yet. In fact, judging by the largely negative reaction to SATC 2, a third sequel seems unlikely.

Instead, it seems that producers have set their sights on making a film which is a prequel to the SATC TV series, telling the story of Carrie’s younger years.

Candace Bushnell, writer of the book on which the TV show was originally based, has already penned The Carrie Diaries, which documents the teenage years of the fabulous fashionista. SATC‘s producer, Michael Patrick King, certainly seems keen on the project, and has reportedly shown an interest in casting Blake Lively in the role of a young Carrie – a character which, so far, has only ever been played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

There is certainly something of a resemblance between the two actresses – perhaps more so than there is with SJP and Miley Cyrus, who Bushnell previously hinted in her column might be considered for the role.

Although Lively made her name as Serena van der Woodsen in US TV drama Gossip Girl, she has recently taken on more film roles, starring in both Green Lantern and Ben Affleck’s The Town – hear what she has to say about it in our interview!

Apparently, Lively is yet to be officially approached regarding the role – but that doesn’t mean we’re not already a little bit excited! We’ll keep you posted.

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