First ever 4D film screens today at Cineworld

If you thought 3D films were exciting, then brace yourselves, because a brand new dimension has been added to our film viewing experience.

A Cineworld in Glasgow launched its 4D cinema experience today, with John Carter being the very first film to be screened in the new format.

According to Tech-Digest, Glaswegian film-fanatics will be rocked and rolled, shaken and stirred in their interactive, state-of-the-art D-Box seats at the Renfrew Street complex.

The Disney fantasy-action film, John Carter, which stars Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins, is set to be the first of many Hollywood films to be shown in the 4D format.

Cineworld – which has 79 cinemas nationwide – is said to be trailing 35 of the D-Box seats, which shake, rattle and roll in time with the action on screen, providing a virtual reality experience.

The technology is expected to be installed in other Cineworlds across the country, including at the 02 Arena in Greenwich and complexes in Milton Keynes.

Despite their 811 screens, Cineworld are concerned that Euro 2012 and the Olympics will present challenges for their business. However, they are optimistic that the brand new 4D experience will still bring cinema-goers in.
In addition, the cinema chain is hoping that this year’s blockbuster sequels including, The Amazing Spiderman and The Hobbit, will bring in enough money to make up for the potential loss of trade due to this summer’s major sporting events.

The new generation of interactive seats isn’t the first time Cineworld has embraced new technology; they were also the first to adopt digital projection and 3D films. They have also brought in super-size IMAX screens, as well as their luxury cinema experience, ‘The Screening Rooms’, which offers seat-waiting service amongst other special treats.

Ticket sales are the company’s primary income, however, it was calculated that retail spending dropped to £1.69 from £1.73; possibly the result of both high snack prices, as well as the recession.

But 4D is just the beginning. We might even see cinemas bring in a five dimensional film experience.

We normally see 5D shows at amusement parks, but in the future, it is possible this fun effect could be adopted by your local cinemas.
According to 5D Kino, you are no longer a spectator, but a ‘participant’ in the film. Not only does your seat rattle and roll, but you also face air blasts, water sprays and light effects which creates a virtual reality.
But it’s not cheap to install; according to the company’s price list, a hefty $103.500 (roughly £69k) is needed for a set of 16 seats.

But this begs the question of how far are cinemas willing to go? Surely if this technology is developed any further, into 6 or 7 dimensions, you might as well go and watch a play?

Who knows what the future of cinema will throw at us, but we are excited all the same! If you are keen to see one of these state of the art 5D cinema seats in action, check out the clip below.

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