Cancer patients asks Gordon-Levitt out ahead of 50/50 UK release

The new comedy 50/50 has gotten a boost in the press a week before its UK release, after cancer patient Lindsey Miller took to YouTube to ask the film’s star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, out on a date. She was inspired to take the chance after watching his portrayal of a young cancer patient.

25th November is looking to be a competitive week for film releases. Moneyball, My Week with Marilyn and The Deep Blue Sea are all set for release, and right alongside them is Seth Rogen’s new, and slightly taboo, comedy 50/50.

Loosely based on screenwriter Will Reiser’s real-life experience, 50/50 focuses on happy-go-lucky 27-year-old, Adam (Gordon-Levitt) whose life takes an unexpected turn when he is diagnosed with cancer. Unable to accept such a diagnosis at his age, Adam learns what is most important in life with the help of his best friend (Seth Rogen), a young therapist (Anna Kendrick), his doting mother (Anjelica Huston) and a cryptic sense of humour.

Contrary to the expectations that surround movies of this subject matter, Rogen and co have taken a different approach to the usual serious movie, making light of what is a delicate topic for most people. And while it isn’t a tear-jerker to rival the likes of My Sister’s Keeper, this comedy-drama (or dramedy) has real bite, bringing a refreshing tone and message to what is often dark material.

And it would appear current cancer patients like what they see. Lindsey Miller has had pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer for over a year now and on a whim took to YouTube asking the star of the film out on a date, after watching his portrayal of Adam in the film. The public has made its support known to her with over 300,000 hits as of today.

The big question is, has the man in question seen it? He says:

“Two other people were telling me about this, but no I have not heard about it until then. I haven’t seen the video,” he added, “I’ll have to watch it.”

Let’s hope he does see it, because as Lindsey said: “Life’s too short. So why not?”

50/50 is out 25 November 2011.

See Lindsey’s video here:

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