Austin Powers on Broadway Baby Yeah!

Prepare to face flower power like never before, because Austin Powers is coming to Broadway baby!

Mike Myers, who wrote and starred in the hit comedy films, is keen to brighten up Broadway with a musical production featuring the hairy and horny 60s spy hero.

A close friend of Myers, reportedly told the NY Post that he would be heavily involved in writing the script, but would not star in the show.

However, the Canadian actor, who has recently made a name for himself voicing the grumpy Scottish ogre in the Shrek films, will have the chance to wear those wonky teeth and put on that floppy brown wig all over again after signing a deal this year with New Line for a fourth Austin Powers flick.

The spy-spoof has been rumoured to feature Dutch supermodel, Lara Stone and could be released as soon as 2013.

Austin Powers’ quest throughout the movies is to defeat the bald-headed villain, Doctor Evil and his diminutive sidekick Mini Me.

The films poke fun at the extreme plots, outrageous sexual innuendos and the suave super spies which are typically associated with 1960s spy films.

Part of the fun comes from Powers who although horribly inappropriate and very toothy is still strangely alluring to lots of stunning women.

Who knows what the Broadway production will bring, we just hope Myers arrives on the opening night in his legendary Shaguar car.

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