Brad Pitt for mayor?

The people of New Orleans have spoken – and they want Brad Pitt to be their mayor.

According to reports, Mr Angelina Jolie is being courted by residents of the city to run for public office after helping to rebuild the area hit by Hurricane Katrina through his Make It Right Foundation.

We’re not too sure they should hold their breath – Brangelina have their sights set on bigger things, like saving the entire world instead of one city. Besides, who’d get any work done at City Hall if they could gaze at Pitt all day?

“Yeah, I’m running (for the office of mayor) on the gay marriage, no religion, legalisation and taxation of marijuana platform,” he joked, rebuffing rumours. “No, I don’t have a chance! It’s not what I do best.”

I think a few people might disagree – it’s certainly an improvement on Arnie.

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