Bruno Gets a Twitter-Bashing

It seems Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest venture has vented the ire of the Twitter brigade.

Whether or not you’ve mustered up the courage to watch the boundary-crossing movie that is Brüno, you’ve probably seen a few tweets from moviegoers sharing their fervent views.

If ticket sales are any indication, those very tweets may have resulted in a drastic decline in sales between Friday and Saturday in the US, causing the movie to fall as much as $20 million short of some expectations.

According to box office results, Brüno, albeit the number one grossing movie at the box office pulling in $30.4 million, saw almost a 40% drop in ticket sales from Friday to Saturday, and lost even more steam going into Sunday. And Time Magazine thinks Twitter might be to blame, claiming that ‘Brüno could be the first movie defeated by the Twitter effect.’

Well, maybe skin-tight lederhosen aren’t to everyone’s taste…

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