Disney is geared up for Hovercar, the movie

Disney are zooming into action to bring Matthew Reilly’s Hover Car Racer book to the big screen.

It is thought that Dan Harris, who wrote Superman Returns, will be turning the popular young adult book into a live action film.

Giving Harris a hand will be screenwriters Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. Together, Millar and Gough have produced Spiderman 2, Smallville and I Am Four.

The family film will be called Hovercar and is set for a 2013 release.

Reilly has written four books in the Hover Car Racer series. In his novels, the earth’s magnetic forces counter-balance the hover cars, allowing them to fly at super speed.

The book follows the story of Jason Chaser, a young boy with an exceptional talent for hover car racing. He is soon accepted into Race School and he begins to compete against his fellow class mates. However, he soon realises that Race School isn’t as fun as he thinks. Friends turn into competitors and the dark side of racing is revealed.

This will be Disney’s second attempt to produce the fantasy racing film. They gained the rights to the story in 2004 and several people attempted to write the script, including David DiGilio, John Sayles (The Spiderwick Chronicles) and Blaise Hemingway (Jonas Brothers 3D).

A director has not yet been chosen and there are still actors to be cast, so it’s early days but we will keep you posted!

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