The Muppets sequel confirmed

It’s time to play the music and it’s time to light the lights, because the Muppets are set to make another family-fun film with Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the lovable, fuzzy gang.

According to the BBC, a sequel to last year’s Oscar-winning musical is set to be made with all the Muppet cast regulars.

However, the 2011 film’s star and writer, Jason Segel, will not be involved in the second film. The American actor, who is known for his comedy roles in  Forgetting Sarah Marshall  and Get Him to the Greek, said he wanted to persue more ‘human-related’ projects.

Unlike Segel, who said he needed ‘a little puppet break’, director James Bobin and co-writer Nicholas Stoller are set to return for the next film. Segel believes he has left the sequel in ‘very good hands’.

The 2011 comedy, which also starred Disney’s Enchanted princess, Amy Adams, brought in $150m worldwide, as well as wining an Oscar for the Man or Muppet song.

However, this wasn’t the only news to be announced at the LA CinemaCon convention. Disney also confirmed that they will be bringing three new animated films to our screens in the near future. The films are thought to explore themes as diverse as dinosaurs and the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. Lee Unkrich, who directed Toy Story 3, tweeted that he was ‘ so excited to finally reveal my next movie at Pixar’.

The Good Dinosaur – which is set for a 2014 release – takes a look at what could have happened if an asteroid didn’t wipe out the dinosaurs. The other is the Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind, which is thought to be released in 2015.

We don’t know if Segel is a Muppet or a Man for opting out of this sequel, but we will next see him in The Five Year Engagement alongside Emily Blunt.

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