The high speed, cut throat racing game, Twisted Metal, is set to be made into an explosive action film, with popular characters, Sweet Tooth and Doll Face making feature appearances.

According to Deadline, Ghost Rider’s Brian Taylor will write and direct the vehicular combat film, which will be based on the popular Sony video game.

Marvel’s CEO, Avi Arad, the man behind popular superhero movies including Kick-Ass, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Man , is set to produce the Sony picture.

In the past, Taylor has always co-directed with the help of Mark Neveldine. The pair are known for their frenetic directing style which places the camera smack bang in the middle of the action. Together they have produced live action films including Crank and the upcoming Ghost Rider .

However, Twisted Metal will be the first film Taylor would have directed alone.

Deadline has reported that the film will involve plenty of underground fights, where the drivers use weaponized cars to race to the death. As well as Sweet Tooth, Doll Face, other popular game characters such as Calypso,  and the homicidal clown, Needles Kane, who drives a killer ice cream van, are also thought to be featured in the movie.

The Twisted Metal video game is known for its freaky characters who each own a monstrous vehicle, loaded with missiles, machine guns and more. The 2001 release, Twisted Metal: Black, has sold 15 million copies making it the biggest selling game in the series.

It sounds like an exciting and we cannot wait to see how Taylor brings the game to life. We will keep you posted on news of any more castings.

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