Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson reunite for Interns film

Comedy actors, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are rumoured to reunite for another funny flick called Interns.

We last saw the comedy duo in Wedding Crashers back in 2008, but according to Vulture, the pair may end up being co-stars for Interns, which Vaughn is thought to be writing.

20th Century Fox are rumoured to have secured the two actors for Interns, with producer Shawn Levy (Cheaper by the Dozen, The Pink Panther) potentially directing the film.

Levy – who directed Vaughn’s latest sci-fi comedy, Neighbourhood Watch – has been on the look out for a new project ever since his last two films were axed. The film maker had some budget issues with his remake of Frankenstein as well as Insane Laws; it’s rumoured that it was due to Vaughn, who made a fuss about his fees being cut.

Interns will see Wilson (Meet the Parents, Night At The Museum) and Vaughn (Dodgeball, The Break Up) play high flying, middle aged businessmen who get a sudden shock when their company is downsized. They end up taking intern positions at a funky, high-tech, Google-style firm so they can climb their way back up the business ladder.

However, they have no idea how vicious and competitive their fresh faced, twenty-year-old, smart-Alec colleagues can be.

If it’s as half as good as Wedding Crashers, it’ll be a side-splitting movie which we can’t wait for.

Other cast members and crew have not been hired as yet, but we will keep you posted.

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