Hammer Horror to restore and re-release classic films

Do you love a good Hammer Horror film but wish that their quality was a bit more up-to-date? If so, then you’re in luck as the famous horror studio have announced that they are to embark upon a global restoration project of the Hammer film library. They will be accompanied by multiple partners and the project will include more than 30 gruesome classics.

Hammer, creator of such films as The Brigand of Kandahar and The Scarlet Blade, will be accompanied by multiple partners and the project will include more than 30 films. The companies that will be teaming up in this landmark event include STUDIOCANAL, Illuminate Hollywood, Anolis Entertainment in Germany and Pinewood. There will be substantial investment especially from Hammer and key partner STUDIOCANAL and the plan is to bring the chosen films up-to-date by changing them into HD format for Blu-Ray. Fans will be pleased and those who scare easily will be able to hide behind the pillows while monsters come at them in HD.

Why do this, you may ask? Well the answer is that the company is committed to preserving its legacy so that future generations can enjoy the spine-tingling jump-fests that are characteristic of a really good horror film. Some materials needed for the project are even being provided by Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros, all of whom were Hammer’s original production partners in the US.

So what titles can we expect to enjoy in the newly improved quality? Dracula Prince of Darkness will be the first re-release in March 2012, and from then on there will be a steady stream of horror flicks coming our way. Other titles include The Reptile (pictured above), The Plague of The Zombies, The Mummy’s Shroud, The Devil Rides Out and Rasputin the Mad Monk. Fans of classic British horror can look forward to the release of three of the most influential classics that the UK has ever seen, in the form of Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein and The Mummy. 

When the British version of Dracula was released, some footage was cut from it. Now, this footage has been restored and will bring viewers an extended, gruesome death scene for the famous vampire, as well as an erotic moment that was not allowed at the time. Following on from this exciting discovery, Hammer is hoping that they will be able to uncover further footage from other films, and that anyone with such collections will come forward. Below you can see which additional films will be restored and re-released, so any Hammer Horror fans out there, get excited for the coming year!

Additional titles to be restored:

–          The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

–          Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

–          Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

–          Frankenstein Created Woman

–          The Witches

–          The Lost Continent

–          Slave Girls

–          The Viking Queen

–          The Vengeance of She

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