Roll out the white carpet: Happy Feet 2 is here

Forget the red carpet – it was all about the white carpet when Happy Feet 2 had its UK premiere on Sunday.

Snow may not have arrived in the UK yet, but Londoners were treated to the next best thing on Sunday 20th November at the Happy Feet 2 premiere. The stars walked up the snow white carpet following the adorable penguins prints running up its length, at an Arctic-themed Empire in Leicester Square. The stars of the film in attendance included, Modern Families Sofia Vergara and her Happy Feet co-stars, Elijah Wood and Robin Williams. 

The original 2006 Happy Feet revolved around Mumble (Wood), the only penguin who could not sing – a serious issue for an Emperor Penguin who is supposed to find his soul mate through song. However he could tap dance up a snowstorm and attracts the eventual acceptance of the other penguins and the love of his life Gloria.

This time around the theme is much the same. Mumbles son, Erik is struggling to find his own talent that sets him apart from the rest of the penguins, while his father attempts to guide him. “I loved the idea that Mumble’s grown up and is trying to figure out his role as a father,” Elijah Wood said of his character. His fatherly duties are put on hold however when he discovers a threat to the Emperor Penguin world.

Many of our favourite characters are back, along with some new faces. Pop star Alecia Moore, aka Pink, has been drafted in to replace the late Brittany Murphy in the role of Gloria, while Hank Azaria is a notable addition as the flying penguin Sven. Watch out for cameos from Matt Damon and Brad Pitt as the hilarious Krills – Will the Krill and Bill the Krill.

While the film could be seen as a subtle education for kids about global warming and its effect on the icecaps, above all else it is a heart warming tale of acceptance and the rewards of determination, appropriate for any age. Unless you count the substitution of the word ‘fluff’ in the phrase “Fluff off! as inappropriate.

It’s a guarantee you’ll be bopping in your seat to the catchy musical numbers. Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation’ and an amusing rendition of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ are notable mentions. Penguins are ‘bringing fluffy back’, don’t you know?

Happy Feet 2 is out 2 December 2011, just in time for Christmas.


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