New images for Your Highness have arrived

We first saw the trailer for Your Highness back in November and we loved what we saw.

The official character posters have been released today and we have to say a lot has changed for the film’s stars since back in November.

Natalie Portman, a metal thong wearing warrior princess, is now an Oscar winning mum-to-be. And James Franco who plays Fabious in the film, is now Hollywood’s darling after presenting the Oscars and just for generally being great. So, will they still be quite so delighted having this film on their resume?

Your Highness, which also stars Danny McBride and Zooey Deschanel, is the story of Thadeous (McBride), a lazy prince who, along with his brother Fabious, must save their father’s kingdom. Portman plays Thadeous’s love interest and Deschanel is Fabious’s virginal bride.

You can check out the trailer here or just wait until the film is released on April 13 in the UK. What do you think about the latest posters for the film?

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