New Ironclad trailer hits the web

Fans of swordplay and historical-scale warfare are going to enjoy the new video that hit the web this week – the latest trailer for Ironclad.

Big fan of beards, swords and lots of very angry men shouting about honour? Of course you are. It’s either serious and epic, or, well, hysterically funny and epic. Epic win, epic fail. Of course, Golden Globed Paul Giamatti is hoping this will perform well, as he stars in a lead role.

Set in the 13th century (the 1200s , 1215 specifically, for those who dislike the odd “minus 100 years” method of century-naming), Ironclad follows the struggle of a group of Knights Templar to defend an embattled castle from King John, the tyrannical ruler of England.

Having turned on the Magna Carta he signed so recently, King John’s got it in for anyone who feels like a bit of barony and independence. So, the politically isolated Knights Templar are one of the first to get the king’s come-a-knocking.

The trailer’s below, and it seems that this is a slightly different star vehicle to Giamatti’s recent work, such as Sideways or Barney’s Version. Also starring Kate Mara, the renowned Brian Cox (not the physicist, that’d be a little weird) and the reliably omnipresent Mackenzie Crook, it looks set to be a good’un. Enjoy!

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New Ironclad trailer hits the web, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating