Isaac Hempstead Wright climbs on a fan at London meet

One tall Game of Thrones fan had his day made when show star Isaac Hempstead Wright climbed onto him, shouting “HODOR!”

Epic fan moment, right?The Game of Thrones cast has been in London, touring the city in their custom-decorated food truck. When they made a stop, Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran Stark in the popular fantasy television series, spotted a fan who reminded him of the colossal character who carries Stark around on the show – Hodor.

Yelling “Hodor!” Hempstead Wright approached Mike Jennings, himself a journalist at PC Pro and known on Twitter for shouting “HODOR!” whenever Game of Thrones is on the air, and asked if he could climb up, given Jennings is an impressive 6’5″. Jennings obliged, and you’ve got the picture below as proof.

Look at how happy they look.


We spoke to Jennings and it’s clear the fan event went down a success. “I wasn’t going to ask Isaac if he’d like to get on my shoulders – despite my colleague’s urging – but he looked at me when I got to the front of the line, laughed, and said ‘HODOR!’

“He and my colleague then asked if he could climb aboard, and he clambered up my side, held onto my shoulders, and I grabbed onto his legs. He’s clearly had a growth spurt since the early days of the show and I didn’t have his basket, but he’s pretty light – no idea what the real Hodor complains about!”

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