James Franco’s poor singing scrapped from Oscars ceremony

James Franco was due to sing at this year’s Academy Awards. That’s now been scrapped because, well, frankly… he’s a horrifically bad vocalist.

It’s not every day you hear about a celebrity singing so badly they’re removed from the musical side of a major awards ceremony. But it’s really not every day that they then post the offending poor vocals on the internet, themselves. On their own website.

So, as it’s Friday, we thought we’d bring to you this little gem of a musical mishap that James Franco has, rather wisely, taken in good humour and posted himself. That being said, perhaps he thought he could prevent the mass media from ridiculing him, by getting in there first. Guess he’ll have to console himself with being the host, right? How horrible.

Enjoy the clip – still not really sure how to react to the former Green Goblin making a complete arse of himself on the mic, but it’s certainly damn enjoyable. Feel free to use this in YouTube remixes, because we’d love to hear them.

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