Jason Bateman eyeing up The Insane Laws

Jason Bateman looks likely to star in The Insane Laws alongside Vince Vaughn.

Jason Bateman looking serious for once

The Arrested Development star has worked with Vaughn a number of times and if he signs up to this, the pair will be playing best friends whose friendship is tested when Vaughn’s daughter falls for Bateman’s son and ends up pregnant.

Bateman is quite used to playing a parent and dealing with pregnancy. He famously played Michael Cera’s father in Arrested Development and he also plays a dad of three in The Change Up, which is out later this year. In Juno his character struck up a friendship and tried to seduce a young pregnant girl whose child he and his wife were going to adopt. But now he’ll be playing a grandfather, admittedly it’s a young one, but is this really the age range Vaughn and Bateman have reached now?

Jeremy Garelick will be putting on the director’s hat for the first time, however this will be the second film he has written. He wrote The Break-Up which saw Vaughn in the lead and Bateman in a smaller role. The film mostly received negative reviews but hit the headlines as it was the beginning of a short-lived romance between Vaughn and his leading lady Jennifer Aniston.

If Bateman definitely signs up then shooting is planned to start at the end of this year. And finally we don’t want to go on about Arrested Development but Bateman recently spoke about how keen he was to see it brought to the big screen, he said:

“As far as I know, [creator] Mitchell Hurwitz is working on the script and he wants to start shooting at some point this year. So while I haven’t heard anything new, I haven’t heard anything that would contradict that.

“The show was a career-saver for me. And also happened to be the job I’m most proud of, so of course I would want to jump back in there again.”

Now, that is something we are looking forward to.

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