Anything Angelina Jolie can do, Jennifer Aniston can do better? We’re about to find out…
In a move that’s bound to get more tongues wagging than a pet shop full of Labradors, Aniston has signed up to make an action thriller with a plot remarkably similar to the very film that killer her marriage to Brad Pitt (Jolie’s lure proved too much). If that’s not ironic enough, though, the former Friends star’s co-star is also someone she’s been linked to – Brit actor Gerard Butler.
Called Bounty Hunter, the flick will see Aniston plays a writer on the run from her hitman ex-husband after he’s instructed to kill her.
“She’s a witness to a murder, and the bounty hunter – her ex-husband (Butler) – is given her as a hit,” Aniston explained.
Well, even if the film’s marginally better than Mr & Mrs Smith, Aniston will have got some payback. Let’s not hold our breath though.

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